You can participate in IMO while the IMO CHANCE button is on!

■ 1st IMO (Schedule) Octorber 21, 2019

Start UK time 0 AM, Japan time AM 9 AM.
※IMO starts from Monday to Sunday for about 20 weeks‼


EVEG Create new common sense of cryptocurrency!
【New common sense】
1. Exchange with BTC anytime!
2. Invest in gold from about 5 cents!!
3. Using the world standard gold price, high price stable settlement using crypto currency is possible !!

* EVEG buyer information is strictly managed by Estonian Exchange and EVEG management team!!

■EVEG value/Bid lot

1EVEG uses an algorithm linked to 1g gold value (about US $ 50).

The minimum lot of IMO is 10EVEG (10g GOLD value ≒ about US $ 500).

【EVEG/BTC】Current rate = about 0.006 (as of October 19, 2019)

■ Overview

IMO is a new listing method that creates a cryptocurrency that returns a large discount rate to investors and secures collateral in order to repeatedly execute ICO in a short period of time.

The advantage is that you can get a big return on your initial investment.

From IMO start date, discount bids of up to 200 BTC will begin for about 20 weeks!

Only investors who meet the deposit requirements of [] for double-listed coins can bid on a first-come-first-served basis.

■Next_IMO_List(Participating world influencers)

■EVERYPROJECT VISION Double Listed Coin Diagram / EVEG Stable Payment Product List)

■How to participate in EVEG IMO

1) Create an EVERYWALLET

2) Please deposit EVEO in the EVERY WALLET according to the participation conditions.
Please check the page below for details.

3) After joining EVEG IMO, you will be contacted to confirm your purchase with the email address registered with ATAIX.

After confirming the EVERYWALLET address where the participation condition EVEO is registered, it will be registered in the IMO participant database.


1) Discount bids will start for IMO prices based on Mondays (UK time 0 AM, Japan time AM 9 AM).

Held every Monday through Sunday at 0:00 and will be bid on a first-come, first-served basis.

2) Purchasers will receive EVEG without lockup and EVEGIEO token with lockup.

3) EVEO required for participation should not move from EVERYWALLET during the lockup period.

* If EVEO coins that satisfy the conditions are not held in EVERYWALLET during EVEG IMO participation period, discount EVEG will not be distributed.
* The EVEG IMO eligibility is only applicable to those who have completed EVEO deposit on EVERYWALLET by Sunday of the week in which IMO participated (until 3:00 pm British time and midnight Japan time).
* Only Hyper IMO will distribute the required amount proportionally.
* Discounted IMO will continue until a minimum of 100 BTC is collected.
* In addition to the detailed information, coin design, disclaimer, and the entire PROJECT vision / target / virtual company system / participation benefits, please be sure to check the EVEG Coin page and white paper.
* If you agree with all the conditions, please join EVEG IMO.

[EVEG coin page]

[EVEG white paper]


If you understand the above conditions and rules, please go to IMO page of ATAIX.

EVEG and EVEO Economic Zone Flow diagram

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