(Startup IMO for establishing the crypto fund)

Business Model of Digital Game Machine from ”Nippon Fund” Approved by Indonesia, Bali Government.

□IMO for a digital game machine (a machine made of electronic sign) of galaxy mega zone from a business model approved by government of Bali, in Indonesia

e.g. when one Nippon game machine is at 1 million JPY, we guarantee minimum 5% of annual return and also give benefits and profit return for the participants.

【Risk Management】
Low risk and middle return investment due to being one of the most-well-known amusement companies in Japan, involved in GALAXY resort management.

□A fund that gives return participants resale profit of luxury (sport) cars such as Lamborghini/Ferrari/Bugatti and the rights of ownership of those cars.

□SUPERCAR project co-managed by multi racing teams will use the rights of the SUPERCAR purchase license and the rights of the luxury used cars auction and strictly select a luxury used car and make purchases. Buy rare luxury cars at a cheaper price and wait until its price goes up, then sell.

e.g. We have mostly all of the licenses needed for the super cars market where people can’t buy anything without the license ordinarily. When the fund buys a new Lamborghini, about 30 million JPY, and sells at 50 million JPY, participants will receive a part of profit of 20 million JPY as dividend depending on invested amount. (Normally resale profit is 20%~50%)

【Risk Management】
※Low risk and middle return. Only participants can see the real luxury cars on live camera.
It is a new business model, SUPERCAR fund with luxury cars collateral to back up.
When the fund gets bigger, we could make a large size fund to purchase bulk best-sale cars at one time.
Bulk purchase fund has a larger return.

□Strictly selected profitable chattel and real estate globally, and make matchings for buying and selling, as well as sharing.

At present, we are in cooperation with real estate companies from the USA, The UK, Japan, Hawaii, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, The Philippines, Myanmar and Laos.

e.g. Use the rights of international real estate which are normally not on the market. (Condominium that you must have the rights to purchase/real estate that you have to hold the country’s license).
We use such license to buy and resale. Buying a real estate at 50 million JPY and sell at 100 million JPY.

【Risk Management】
Middle risk and high return.
There is a possibility to take time to find buyers when real estates are on resale.

e.g. We use global real estate and open share-office. (New office/anyone can share office)
Get rent an office for 300,000 JPY per month and lend office-name at 10,000 JPY per month and charge a cheaper price such as 3000 JPY per hour for office use.
When non-members use, it shall be 5000 JPY per hour.
Additionally, with option, participants enjoy use of post office/secretary depending on proposers.

Realize the profit at the time of start because 30 Japanese companies are with the project and 30 is the number to make profit.

When 100 companies share the office (address), 1 month revenue is 1 million JPY + option fees at a rental price of 300,000 JPY per month. Therefore, this business model makes more than 3 times the revenue and gives a dividend permanently. Everyone wins with this business model.

Notice that rental abroad office (address) meets lots of demand at present and will receive the maximum benefits from this feature of sharing economy (joint economic zone). Also importantly, we can avoid cheating from local agents and brokers.
※Exhibitors need to deposit EVEG. If cheating is found, this deposit will be taken and this person makes loss.

【Risk Management】
Low risk and High return.
Realize profit when it starts, and participants can use offices around the world at low cost.

■Step-up STO Based IMO Listing Model (Support for New Projects)

e.g. racing horse owners project

□The First Stage□STO Joint Ownership of 1 Horse (5BTC~10BTC)
※Breeding and horse condition check (live camera), racing award will be returned as a dividend on investment, visit the horse, horse auction (share the right of bid)

□The Second Stage□STO Making a Fund with Additional 2 Horses, Total of 3 horses.
※Check horses condition, and racing award will be returned as dividend to investors
※Examine how they run from blood line and birth then select promising-future horses at cheaper price(about 30 BTC~50BTC)

□The Third Stage□STO with Large Scale IMO Model

When the fund possesses 10 overseas horses and several horses in Japan, purchase a farm to make breeding cost cheaper.
Complete the fund with about 100BTC worth of horses breeding farm and 10 horses.

※Horses are available at IMO’s step-up discount price until this stage.

This sharing method saves breeding cost and sets up a real horse breeding platform (farm management business) where new horse owner can make purchases easier.

It is a project that aims to make the worlds-largest joint horse owner farm by listing world’s first UMA (horse) coin along with increase racing award, revenue from farm rental, new individual horse owner and save farming cost.

■Angel Investment Style Crowdfunding to Venture Companies from Large Number of EVEG Holders “GOD HAND”(10000 EVEG possession:category class upper PRESIDENT)

e.g. When “GOD HAND”  see high potential on individual/companies that want to start up a venture company with their new technology, “GOD HAND” will invest 5 million JPY and joint-start up and this model will meet un-found talented enterprise manager and train them .

Ex sample of use of this model.

M&A matching/joint venture business start-up/ set up new project with business poeple from all over the world.

【Risk Management】

High risk and High return for investment.

For joint venture companies, it reduces risk on entrepreneurship and receive a variety of benefit.

● Premium shopping mall sales, popularity and evaluation rankings are eligible for IMO Funding

● Anyone with a coin holder can participate in and participate in the premium shopping mall.

● Everyone can make a profit with products that make use of ideas and knowledge, hobbies and special skills etc.

* We are fully merit-based, constructing an equal business platform, and discovering promising projects that can sleep in the world.

【List of Service for Members from Cooperate Companies/Current Alliance】

At present, EVEG member premium shopping mall has a contract with more than 30 companies, with more than 500 World business influencers (https://www.eveo.io/WP_EN.pdf) for listed coins of EVEO (EVERY ORIGINAL) who own only-one products and licenses; and we will see and discover exhibitors’ world-only-one content and licenses.
We will increase the number of companies and participants.

Use products below as standard and operate IMO with best sale, most popular project/product/content at each category so that they already have fans and followers when IMO (IMO/STO/ICO) starts.

【List of Sample Category in Premium Shopping Mall】
Items/Products/Services/Rights/Business licenses/Real estate/Horses/Investment/Digital currencies/Concierge/Education/Volunteer and so on…

Set up a fair business field with GOLD stable coin where any EVEG holders can exhibit. (Judge required for exhibiting)

EVEG IMO 1 trillion yen Fund Initiative

【Fund target amount for each project in EVEG IMO MARKET】

※matching buying and selling/deposit EVEG/money invested in gold not included

List of Shopping Mall participants/sponsors/cooperate companies/partners

【Project Advisors (Super Influencer) 】

Businessman Kenji Manno (Former-director of Bitcoin Japan)He is friend of American Businessman, M r. Roger Bar, who people say he is the one introduced Bitcoin to Japan. He is known as Mr. Bitcoin in Japan since he started investing bitcoin in 2013 when the price was at $3.In August 2013, current Ripple Chairman, M r. Chris Larsen asked him to sellRipple (XRP) in Japan.At present, he is based in oversea and involved in developing Fusion coin, which takes and combines the advantage of limited issued bitcoin and Rippleʼs transaction speed. He is also an officer at licensed Fusion Banking Card issuing company and works for development of hybrid bank “Fusion Banking” with full of passion.

Harry Hori (Advisor of Gold Peg Coin) Based in Hong Kong since the year of 1996 and started investing in crypto currencies in the year 2008.An entrepreneur, working on a private banking service which connects the financial industry and crypto currencies.Financial specialist with a wide range of connections, doing finance-related business globally from Asia

Tatsuya Sumeragi (CEO of Japan Content Consulting/Former TV Asahi Producer/Former TV Asahi Service President/Former Toei Film Company Auditor) He is widely well-known charismatic entertainment producer on TV Asahi.His charisma brings him to another level, and people call him “Emperor Sumeragi”.

【Top business influencers in major industries】

<Representative Members of Main Industries>

Racehorse Owner Industry︓Shinya Yamamoto, Horse lord associationʼs youngest director, having 11 winning horsesCar Industry︓Shinichi Uji, Casino World Tournament Winners, holding lots of world brand car sales licenses Investment Industry︓Shingo Kanatani, Yearʼs Best Performer on “Master of Investment” in Yahoo! Finance, and 18 consecutive wins with his recommended stocksFood & Beverage Industry︓Hirokazu Kamae Japanese Charismatic restaurant producer, established 1000 restaurants around the worldMeat Industry︓Hideki Morita, trend leader of KARANABE all over Japan, restaurant producer specialized in meatFish Industry︓Nozomu Takeno, father of Jukusei-Akashi dai (Agingged Red Snapper), President of Fisherʼs wholesale market in Akashi at a young age.Agriculture Industry︓Junji Maeda, he has made a Japanese riceRegional Creation︓Toshio Fujitomo, Former Ako city councilor, advisor on regional revitalizationAccommodation/Tourism Industry︓Masao Kikuchi, Leader of activating Japanʼs unoccupied house project
Corporate Social Responsibility︓Eriko Kimura, International cooperation technical advisor, social contributionscheme management leader

【Entertainer & Celebrity Influencers】

Ashli (Japanese Model, Youtuber), Chihiro Uno (Radio Actor), EBIKEN (National Number one Dance performer), Haruhiko Ohshima (Drummer, Lyricist, Composer, Music Producer), Kaeruchan (Cosplay Idol/Influencer), Shunichi Kawai (Recorded ex Volleyball Athlete of World Champion ship ,Twice Olympics, Twice World cup), Takuma Kawai (Former ice hockey representative from Japan),Kizawa (Bassist, Lyricist,Composer, Music Producer), Kaew Fairtex (Thai kickboxer, the former WBC Muay Thai World champion at super featherweight, current WPMF World champion at super lightweight), Gonnapar Weerasakreck (KrushChampion・Muay Thai Gym Chairman), Simon(Champion of Reggae Competition in Jamaica, Member of Mighty Crown), Sami (Champion of Reggae Competition in Jamaica, Member of Mighty Crown), Sarah Murray (Former Womanʼs Ice hockey player The head coach of North-South Unification Ice hockey team), Genie Tsutsumi (Impressionist Comedian), Sina Karimian (Active K-1 Champion,1st K-1 WORLD GP champion of a cruiser weight), Hitomi Shimatani (Singer, Participated NHK KOUHAKU-UTAGASSEN 4times), Risa Shimamoto (Former Idol, Female Model), Itsuo Sumi (Former professional baseball player, Ace pitcher of Yomiuri GIANTS, Rookie king, Best player in Award, play at Nippon baseball All-star Series twice), Yui Taya (Radio Actor), Samuel Tse(Champion of Reggae Competition in Jamaica, Member of Mighty Crown), Takeshi Nagao(Event Producer, Entertainment), Toshihiko Nakazawa (Dancer, Performer), Haruka Nanami (Original Bitcoin Queen Cryptocurrency Idol), BEAT Kiyoshi (Famous Comedian in JP, Comedy Duo with BEAT Takeshi [Takeshi Kitano], Pioneer of “Manzai”), Tok i Fujisaki (Comedian, Member of FUJISAKI MARKET), Venla Hovi (Active Ice hockey Player, Finnish Bronze medalist), Takatoshi Yamada(Author of “Dr. Koto Shinryojo”, Author of 17 million copiesʼ Best seller book), YUCCO (Vocal member of “PLATINUM”), Nagao Yoshida (Shakuhachi player), Dr. Liu You(Legendary Acupuncturist who treated Takeshi Kitano)


<Cryptocurrency Influencers>

Haruka Nanami: Original Bitcoin Queen Cryptocurrency Idol, Maguroman: Eccentric of Discord, Acchan: Virtual Currency Industry Mystery Idol, Koukou, AYANA, NIN-NIN!, HooHoo <Social Media Influencers>Mama Model Influencer: Mia Shiraishi, Finance Influencer of Gold mining: Mei, Visible diet Influencer: Yuki Tomori, Lounge management model influencer: Natsuki, A famous Mama Influencer: Jack Mama, Volunteer creator Influencer: Satomi, Former Ginza Hostess Hand-made brand Influencer: Masami.KYoutuber︓Masayoshi Ueno, Taisuke Wakabayashi, Hironori Yamada, Railu Fukumine, Hiromu Midorikawa, Teruaki Nagata, Yuta Chikamori, Shinichi Sato, Daiki Kokubun, Hiroki Sekiguchi, Ryo Hiroshige, Yusuke Ochiai, Hideaki Tamachi, Koutaro Suzuki, Ryosuke Itoga, Rui Miura, Takahiro Imanami, Kazuki Kimura, Taizo Otsuka, Kazuro, Gucchi, Tatsuya, Rio, Ryo

<Business Influencers>

Shin: Kyoto University Graduated Web attraction influencer, Megumi: Financial industry analyst influencer, Henry Chan: JCI Former President & Bridge across Macau and Japan, Noboru Sato: Trilingual influencer & Bridge across China and Japan, Shinya Fujisaki: Best Invest Advisor of Yahoo! In 2018 「Fidelia Invest Adviser」 CEO, Reiko: Shrine Maiden production representative, Ayumu: Overseas Real Estate Trading Specialist, Ann: Japans first Large-sized Preserved Flower Inventor, Mizusaka: China Gold Mine & Jade Mining Business Coordinator, Hammer: Easy diet creator, Li: Taiwan Amusement Manager, Maruo: Former Himeji Star Lions Club President, Azuma: Strategic International Financial Planner (CFP), Yanmo: Stock Investment Swing Trader, FX trader Team Investors, Chounan: Consulting Advisor for Horse owners, Welick: Revolutionary child of free printing machine, Hacchan: Crocs influencer, Swiss Billionaire ICO Investor, Yumenyan: Lolita fashion influencer, Miku Kurenai: Cocktail competition Japan finalist, Kazuki: Pet Business influencer, I.G.: Nonconformist of the car tuning world, GROM: Pro-influencer group of animation production, Rocket man: Land/Real Estate Development & Hotel Industry Influencer, L.X.: Ginza Entertainment Pro-Influencer, Wolf: Game Development & Te mp orar y-employment Agency Influencer, T.O.I.: Thankful House building Influencer, Kyoka: Kyoto Culture Talent & Calligrapher Influencer, Ryo: Caricature Patissier Influencer, Mattsun: Everyones Cooking Laboratory Chief, Bacchi: Business Supporter of Everyones Franchise, Tanayan: Producer of Everyones Free Cafeteria, Goro: Regional Activation Project, Envalley: Everyones Lava Steak Influencer, Yamayoshi: Producer of Himeji Specialty Conger Rice, Kamatani: Sudden TEPPANYAKI/Origin of Canteen eaten at cost, Nikusho: Meat Entertainment Producer, Hidaka Teacher: The legendary Hiroshima-yaki Inventor, Mobachu: Own Mobile Patent License & Patent Grant License, Ken: Casino King of Macau, Rita: Macau VIP Casino Junketter, Shimanuki: Professional Shogi Player of Thai Phuket, GA: Next-generation entertainment team