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IMO(Initial Model Offering)

■IMO is a new listing model. It operates with a small amount of Token sales for several times and gives bigger return for investors who invested at earlier stage.

■1 block will be 10 BTC and we will operate IMO maximum 1 block for a week.
(Period shall be Every Monday to Sunday 23:59, when there are great number of purchase applicants, we shall manage based on a First-come-first-served basis or only “Hyper IMO” get distributed the desired amount proportionally)
※Every Monday at 12:00 London time starts a discount bidding for 1 week depending on the GOLD future market price.

■Discount sale is for a total of 20 weeks, maximum 200 BTC. Aiming to establish credit collateral and peg with the GOLD price.
Discount sale will be continued until 100 BTC is collected for the second stage of crypto fund starting. (There is condition to participate)

※During the IMO period, regular stable transactions will take place.
 (Pair EVEG / BTC in ATAIX Exchange in Estonia)



■Coin Symbol…EVEG
■Coin Base…ERC20(Ethereum)
■Total Number of Coins Issued…7.7billions
■Minimum trading volume…0.00000001
■Trade Opening Day…2019 Sep 27 (Schedule)
※1 EVEG : Connecting price with 1 g of GOLD (about 45 USD) in NY (New York gold futures from CME) by using an algorithm for 24 hours.
※EVEG/BTC:Pairs with Bitcoin (BTC) and uses IMO (Initial model offering, refer to IMO diagram) system.
When EVEG is issued, we will collect a maximum of 200 BTC as 100% of the collateral with a step-by-step discount method for 20 weeks.

Road Map


EVEG Listing Exchange